Friday, November 9, 2007

Hodge sez:

November 10th,2007___ TOMMORROW!!!

What's the word people.. 6pm-9pm Opening reception for the Love Movement @ Midtown art Center.. The show has a killer line up.. for real.. if Houston had a Art Team.. this would be the All Star Team..( sort of).. La Branch and Holman Tommorrow!! This show is in with conjuction with the BBoy Ho Down..FREEEEEEE

Other Shows Upcoming: Wednesday November 14,2007
(Houston Center U of H)
Then we ganna party with guest DJ's
SanKofa Pan Afrikan Student Oranization Presents: Hip Hop panel

art provided by Hodge and Jack Yates Photography Program

Confirmed Particpants include... Scarface, Lil Flip, UK, Ariel Brinkley..M-1(Of Dead Prez) Jasmine Pope and Quanell X..


November 16,2007
Premium Goods
" Dont Sleep" Exhibition
amazing artists and sounds by Witnes..
9pm_11pm 2416 Times Blvd.
713-523-8825 FREEEEEEEE

November 17th
3Muse Gallery
"Beautiful Struggle" Exhibition
Robert Hodge and Lance Flowers
2020 Commerce St. Unit G



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