Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Friendzgiving 2007

Friendzgiving 2007

The Young Republic (check out their collaborative blog!) is pleased to announce their 4th annual event "Friendzgiving." Continuing the conceptual idea of art events based on holidays, Friendzgiving is a time for friends, artists, writers and associates from around Texas to come together to cook and share a Thanksgiving dinner. While doing so, participants will make traditional Thanksgiving crafts, decorated pilgrim hats and turkey hands. The event will take place at the joanna Gallery, a gallery in a converted house with a full kitchen.

Friendzgiving dinner will be held on November 15th. The gallery opening on the 17th will display crafts made from the event, including video of the preparation and eating of the dinner. Leftovers will be served.

Each dinner participant has a dish to complete. No participant should spend more than $10 on ingredients.

Dinner menu:
Cranberry sauce (jellied and fresh)
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Green bean casserole
Pumpkin pie

Participants include:
Daniel Adame (stuffing)
Seth Alverson (turkey team)
Elaine Bradford (pie team)
Rachel Cook (sweet potatoes team)
Katie Haught (stuffing)
Cody Ledvina (rolls)
Lindsay Kayser (sweet potatoes team)
Gene Morgan (turkey team)
JoAnn Park (mashed potatoes team)
Brian Rod (green bean casserole)
Jenny Schlief (mashed potatoes team)
Gina Sonderegger (pie team)
Raymond Uhlir (turkey team)
Laura White (cranberry sauce)
Eric Zimmerman (green bean casserole)

It is the stated goal of the Young Republic to promote progressive thoughts and artistic expressions, and through the malleability of organizational frameworks in fresh and exciting ways. The conceptual structure of the Young Republic is not entirely dissimilar from the art that it promotes, changing to fit into the same progressive mind frame of the artists it exhibits. All coordinated events are prepared in hopes of creating a forum for the exchange of creative and invigorating discussion through performative events rooted in visual culture and the major fine arts.


Unknown said...

I am trying to find an old friend Gina Sonderegger from San Jacinto college (we were in theatre together) and I see her pic is on here. Is there any one that can help me get in touch with her. MY email is siamese9@aim.com.