Friday, October 5, 2007


more about the CSAW fallout...

you know what IS going on? right across the street and then some, there are new TOWNHOUSES being built all around that area. pretty soon, all that area will not look the same NOR will it be the same. Since, as humans, people that own property absolutely love money. it's MUCH easier to make money, off of tennants than art openings. So in all, that is all she is doing and i guarantee you that once they get rid of that, then the place next door will be gone, and around the corner, Bootleg will be gone and quite possibly, ASHS warehouse will be gone too. Even the regular livable warehouses directly in front of CSAW will be gone sooner or later. I've been going to these places for years - they were a lot more popular back then but then again, there is and was a different type of crowd that was being catered too. the best thing to do is to get everybody all along that stretch of land, from both sides of the railroad tracks to actually come together to make a protest. Gentrification is at hand and those people will stop and NOTHING to get what they want!! And you know why? cuz they got money. and in our society, money is power. at least in the material way and everybody nowadays seems like they want to cash in. i guarantee you that the landlord , if it is the same one as back in the day, probably did not think too much about the warehouse cuz nobody really wanted it. they were OLD industrial businesses that went out of business and caused the area to turn into a ghost town, so to speak. NOWADAYS, all of Commerce St. is a hot commodity and i bet you anything that - that same landlord was offered up something she could not refuse. you'll see. we will all see. but that does suck because that always was and will be the best art place around. matter of fact, that was the very first place that i went to when i first got into the scene. tu che! i fucking hate those motherfuckers that are ruining our own city to make it their own. thanks for sharing. i'll definitely help spread the word. werd.