Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh sez:

Westfest 2003

You should come to Westfest (Westheimer Street Festival) on October 13th

If you don't dinosaurs will break into your home and maul your face.

But seriously the Houston Free Press has work for years to restore this once epic event to this town. Come out and help give this town back some culture it so desperately needs.

I remember being a little kid running around Westfest with my parents before we moved outside the loop because of financial issues. Now I show my art work there along side many talented Houston artists and musicians. I like to think I've come back home if only for a day.

Read the history here: Westheimer Street Festival

just to add to Eli...

2004 Obituary: HERE

Pics from the spring festival: HERE

Better pics by Charles: HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Sean.