Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poll Results- Menil Collection Wins

Results from the poll "Best Museum in Houston?"

Menil- 64%

MFAH- 22%

CAMH- 7%

Art Car- 7%

Man, what happened to the CAMH? Nobody likes the place, what gives? Good showing by the Art Car Museum, being a second tier institution and all. The cake belongs to the little guy nestled in the neighborhood though; is it just cool to pick the Menil, or is their more manageable building and natural lighting what makes the collection a favorite? (Oh, it might be the artwork...)


Henry said...

Good question about CAMH. It's hosted a lot of really good shows these past 5-10 years. Maybe it's the god-ugly building and bad parking. The Menil is a joy to visit in itself, even on the very odd chance you don't like the exhibitions.