Saturday, September 8, 2007

From House of Pies to Louis Vitton leather flowers

Waht the fuck happened to Tribeza? In the three months since this promising new magazine from Austin opened in Houston with a polished graphic look and high fashion photography their content has gone from cross-culturally relevant articles to publicity photos from high-end shoe stores and vapid press release articles.

From curator Franklin Sirman in K. Bernstein's Otabenga mention: "I love collective work, where the individual gets subsumed... It's really powerful and rare these days when individuals prepare to subsume themselves in the collective."

Umm... isn't collective work on a rise in popularity is the past decade? Would The Wrong Gallery, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Paper Rad, Animal Collective, Critical Art Ensemble, or online collectives like Wooster or ST/ART been accepted even ten years ago? (Not to say that there isn't a long history of collectives in the past century, but they weren't as successful, prevalent or diverse as the ascendant crop)


ArtsHouston said...

It really makes me wonder where the plateau of fashion/society mags is. How many are in this town now? I can count six...