Thursday, September 20, 2007


Museum of Printing History Tonight, September 20th! Opening from 6-9pm

Museum of Printing History, 1324 West Clay

"In conjunction with Akira Kurosaki’s visit to Houston the Museum of Printing History will present an exhibition of Japanese woodcuts, exhibiting masterworks from the golden age of ukiyo-e prints, including Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kunisada. The exhibition will then explore the growth of the tradition as it was renewed and adapted in the twentieth century by figures such as Hiroshi Yoshida and Hasui Kawase. Deeply influencing the Impressionists and other Modern Western art, was in turn influenced by the visual traditions of Europe and America. This exhibition traces the dialogue between the cultures while also presenting the works of the great practitioners of the art."


McClure said...

Wow! Here's some red hot Asian art I want to see. I had no idea they hosted such exhibits - just imagined a museum of early presses. Cool.