Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cuts Like a Knife

whadda you see?

Terri Sultan's move to Long Island really let down a few people in Houston who saw her as a big talent in a backwater town, but her debut curatorial action at the Parrish Art Museum (of a show that was critically lauded in Houston) gets a beatdown in the Wall Street Journal, completely deserved for the uselessness that is Jean-Luc Mylayne;

Just because an artist gets high on his own inflated oratory is no reason a curator has to participate in a folie à deux. The museum here neither serves a public skeptical about the opacity of contemporary art nor does Mr. Mylayne any favors by framing his modest, if persistent, achievement under crushing layers of grandiloquent ­hokum.

Complete with 5 dolla words, y'all :)
via WSJ


Dang Ya'll said...

DAMMMMMMMN! It's sort of true though. Did anyone else feel a little "fucked with" at the same Blaffer show?