Monday, August 10, 2009

Performance Art Lab at Summerfest

pic by briandathewallflower




julia sez:

we had a few difficulties and didnt get any pics of the performances other than the slip and slide, which really kills me because i fucking loved them, but i will post the pics asap.

if you see ANY pics of us holding up signs and doing things, let me know. we did a series of performances with signs that said:
kodak presents high fives, verizon wireless presents a ten minute meditation, mcdonalds presents a man getting dressed (like 80 people stood around and watched nick get dressed and undressed, while ian yelled, this is presented to you by mcdonalds!! holding up the sign. sooo funny.), frito lay presents free hugs, and target presents this kiss (claudia and ian made out behind that sign for awhile).


chelsea said...
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chelsea said...

hey! i'm in the last picture! green tank top next to the guy in the brown button collared shirt... the slide was the so fun to watch (couldn't bring myself to participate though...)