Monday, June 22, 2009

The Only Time You'll See a Rainbow in the Dark

Helpful Hints :)

In the interest of public safety, please refrain from bringing the following items into the Festival grounds:
  • Alcohol and other beverages (yeah, right)
  • Food (less room for beer)
  • Coolers (put it in your backpack)
  • In-line skates (there's beer all over the ground)
  • Laser pointers (you'll blind the buff angel dancers while pointing at pecs)
  • Radios (no one wants to hear your Ani Difranco tapes)
  • Skateboards (use your skateboard hand to carry beer)
  • Fireworks (less room in your backpack for beer)
  • Weapons (Montrose has seceded from Houston)
  • Audio recording devises for recording of any live performance (who cares, it'll be on youtube tomorrow)
  • Professional camera equipment (you're gonna get jacked if you do)
  • Video recording equipment (ditto)
  • Pets (people on inline skates are gonna slip on your dog shit)

+++plus: the Chron's thinly veiled blogger arm is SOOO gay