Wednesday, June 10, 2009

At Least They're Not Looking For Booty Hoes

Actresses needed for Paul Wall Video ((Houston, Texas))

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Date: 2009-06-10, 7:48AM CDT

There is an open audition for this position at a club called “Bonitas” on the outdoor patio at 7:00 PM @ 9347 Richmond Avenue. Houston, Texas 77063. Thursday June 11th, 2009.

I'm directing the Paul Wall rap music video entitled, "Gotta Get It." I'm currently looking for four featured girls. All four girls will be of different ethnicities (Latina, African American, Caucasion, Asian, Indian or exotic mixture.) These ladies must be physically fit and look great in a business suit, short skirt, heels, and glasses. Make-up and Hair touch-ups are provided, but the participants must 90% ready to shoot upon arrival. Some wardrobe may be swapped out or provided at the last minute, but participants are expected to provide their own wardrobe. These four ladies in business attire are playing the role of assistants to Paul Wall and TV Johnny that will handle prop money and prop jewelry. These roles are highly visible could potentially be a great opportunity for an aspiring actress or model. This is a paid position, but the budget it limited. These scenes are tentatively scheduled to shoot during the June 15th week. This video is expected to air on BET, MTV as well as other international TV stations.

NOTE: Do not just send me your myspace and say "There are my photos, check ‘em out." Please be professional and email photos directly to me, or provide me with an exact link to your photos. mikelfair-at-yahoo-dot-com

Thank You,

Mikel Fair, Director


Vanessa Tanith VanAlstyne said...

man they never want short pale fat chicks.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be considered an "Exotic Mixture"? I dunno what that means really...

Regardless, I find your comment hilarious since Paul Wall himself is short, pale & fat.