Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tonight the Vaginas are Striped!

Every third Wednesday of the month Spacetaker runs the Artist SPEAKeasy, formerly of Buffalo Bayou Art Park when they had their offices in the West Ed next door to Poissant Gallery. Two to three makers of things, usually artists, present powerpoint talks and sometimes performances/dialogs about their work. They're just trying to get y'all to talk to each other, guys.

Tonight at 6:30 right on the first floor docks of Winter Street, which used to be ghetto but is totally being swarmed by townhomes and Targets and bars, check out these cats:

Refined Crude, 53.54, 2005

Michael Crowder

Originally from New Orleans, he is currently based in Houston. His sculpture incorporates a variation of the ancient pâte de verre technique, melting crushed glass. Fragile and impermanent, his work is sometimes cast using sugar, chocolate, marble dust or ashes. Crowder was recently nominated for the LC Tiffany Award and a fellowship at the Dora Maar House in Ménerbes, France.

Greg Dean in Dracula

Greg Dean

Greg Dean has worked with various theaters and arts groups in Houston since 2003. He has been a member of Mildred’s Umbrella and Infernal Bridegroom, designed sets for Rot, sound and video for Triptych and directed Things Being at the Worst and other plays. He recently completed a role in Backroad, an independent feature.

Hillside, 2005

Monica Vidal

Vidal depicts icons repetatively and obsessively: tents, hair, stacks of spheres and an arch shaped form referred to as the "Hive". She says "I represent these objects as I conceive of them, as living things, capable of growing, changing, moving and feeling. They have their own set of rules in their own worlds."To further the process of anthropomorphizing the objects in her work she depicts them with colors found inside and outside of the body: red, beige, pink, peach, “flesh”, in all its varied tones and shades, etc. Vidal is planning on building hair and feather suits from her drawings, and will construct a large installation of "circus tents" in the O'Quinn Gallery at the Lawndale Art Center in the near future.