Sunday, August 24, 2008


From the Lawndale Big Show
brown eyed bombshell

The chron's religious guy is both pro-choice and pro-life. Comment page hilarity ensues.

The Lawndale's Big Show gets the final nail in the coffin from lazy Bill Davenport (after their next show opened), Fiery Laundry had a fun favorite, the Art Center wikipedia entry needs your help, mattmanalo was rejected, pusholive got in, azMatic documented behind the scenes on flickr and the winner is also familiar from the street.

Jeez louise, double pun: When did you realize you were making outside art?

Dawn Okoku is looking for you girls...

Drapetomania extended through October 31st...

It's like Eastern Europe at The Silo- yes Virginia, there are ravers out there

Houstonist tours the rapidly redemographying Washington Corridor

Troy Schlitz thinks that Ed Harris is faking it at the CAMH, but he laps up Downey Jr.