Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Wonder What Artadia Thought They Were Getting...

...by awarding Phillip Perez, aka ARTICLE, a spot in this year's finals? Perhaps his application was filled with paintings, but he is notorious in Houston for many other things.

oh brother... ARTICLE "Living Legend"

ARTICLE, rather than being a living legend, is known by graff crews as a turncoat who speaks to the cops. Pretty ironic that he sued HPD for arresting him at the Westheimer Block Party...

plus Part 3 and part 4

...when he reproduced several tags HPD already knew from the streets.
His setup had the facile caveat "Graff 101, This Class is on Characters, Examples"

Phillip is also known for an exchange with City Councilmember Sue Lovell at a MFAH symposium on graffiti, where Lovell tried to negotiate with ARTICLE as if he represented taggers in Houston. She "promised" to devote the city's Graffiti Removal budget ($2 million) to purchasing legal space for graff writers if they would, quote, "Stop".

Lovell went on to compare writers with dogs...

So his application must have spoken for itself, and his inclusion is no disrespect to Artadia, but I do think it is fucking funny if they have to eventually defend their 'artists' to community activists fighting graffiti in the city.

ARTICLE on Graffiti