Friday, December 7, 2007

Cite cites Knittas

Issue 72 from the Rice Design Alliance's magazine Cite is provocatively titled "Who Owns the Streets?" with a cover featuring Houston blaxploitation knitter taggers Knitta, Please! Unfortunately for my assumptions the mag has neither a discussion of graffiti art nor a word about conduct in public spaces. There is a nice rundown of Knitta Please that seems to endorse graffiti though, so taggers, know your semi-temporary work is welcome at Rice University!

There are also a few good slams aimed at METRO and their idiotic ways and means. Coupled with the recent rebuff by the federal government and questions about kickbacks Cite takes their philosophy to task right when their practical problems are grounding new growth. As always- good maps by those Rice dorks!

Oh, Cite's website sucks ass. Their new issue and its cover are cool, but they fucked up their jpegs and you can't see it anywhere online!