Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad List

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From comes THIS list of the 6 best galleries in Houston, written by Melissa Davenport. I doubt she went to any of them since she says Mackey (the old location) is in the warehouse district (it never was), and that the horrendous Galleria paint pushers Off the Wall are a lofty #2.

From Off the Wall "Mimi Sperber describes their collection as 'urban eclecticism' pieces which blend artistic elements into a unique creation providing nourishment for today's urban souls." Are you urban enough for thisss?!?


Anonymous said...

"Nourishment for today's urban souls"? HAHAHAHAHAHA, man, I need to slap that description onto my new works! yoink!

Anonymous said...

"Founded in 1957, Meredith Long & Co. was one of the first art galleries in the nation to champion the rebirth of interest in 19th and 20th century American Art..."
So, um. There was a "rebirth" of interest? Was this before during or after the intial birth?
Oh wait wait. I get it it was twins!

John Hovig said...

(melinda, but who's counting)

The list makes more sense if you think of it as the #1 choices in each of six different categories of gallery-goer.

Where did the DBHB gallery fan club come from? Texas was leading the way in your poll until last week, then boom.