Friday, July 20, 2007

Just don't put it on

Why would an art space put nametags on their exhibiting artists as they stand near their work? Sigh...

Colin Zelt's glorification of Montrose through his foot-off-the-ground dog's eye viewpoint looks really good up at HCP right now, I walk down Waugh next to the thrift store (2nd pic) past that white picket fence (1st pic) across the street from where that sign used to stand (3rd photo) on the way to Rudyards all the time!

I wonder what HCP 2007 Fellowship juror Lynn Herbert really thinks of Bexar's satiny, shimmering photos; they're computer printed in saturated decadent color on high gloss canvas, and they may give your eyes a painful hangover or trigger an acid-trip relapse. It sure does grab you! What do you think?