Friday, July 13, 2007

big props for the big show

I checked out the Lawndale's Big Show yesterday at the preview- looks great! Come by tonight for the announcement of the winner and the big show's big party. The show is curated quite evenly- enhanced by a bunch of temporary walls in the main gallery that break up the space and shrink the distance with which to see the show. Rita Gonzalez, by design or not, has chosen a large amount of black and yellow in works for the show, muting the punctuation of larger pieces with a calming scheme.

Who looked good? Robert Hodge's canvas, Jeanne Cassanova's glitter and pink people painting, Bexar's funny-ass installation and Jenny Schlief's single video, Girl Star.

Who's gonna win? My money is on Shane Tolbert- his awkward old-man-looking-at-art paintings are a standout and may have appealed to Rita's curatorial irony.