Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Houston Street Art News from The New York Times

Derek Shumate sez:

I was asked to do an interview for the NY Times about a week ago specifically covering my Ron Paul artwork.

You know I didn’t hesitate on this one!

"Derek Shumate, an artist and graphic designer from Houston, produced a stenciled, spray-painted, all-text poster. Mr. Shumate told me that his enthusiasm for Representative Paul’s campaign triggered what he calls “subversive imagery and action.” He explained that his street art aesthetic was the best approach because it could reach more people than traditional materials.

“I’m also big into handmade goods,” he added. “I think that they are more genuine and touching.”

This stencil and spray paint method is commonly used by guerrilla poster makers to advertise performances, say, by a punk rock band. But Mr. Shumate insists his poster was not targeted toward any particular group. “I just wanted to make a big, bold and unique image so that when people catch a glimpse of it, they can’t ignore it.” "

Steven Heller article via NYT

Shumate's work is on exhibit at Premium Goods in the Village and wherever wheatpastes are to be found!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for the post Sean!
Maybe the one I gave you has just become an investment! JAJAJAJA